Protective clothing and workwear | uvex high visibility dungarees Protective clothing and workwear | uvex high visibility dungarees

uvex high visibility dungarees

article number: 17132

  • certified heat and flame protection plus arc flash protection and welding protection
  • electrostatic discharge
  • highly visible, even in poor light
  • colour: signal yellow

uvex high visibility dungarees – visible and safe at all times

This modern protective clothing protects the wearer against direct danger from heat, flames and arc flashes – but especially from the risk of not being seen in bad lighting conditions.


General features

  • dungarees with high visibility in dark environment due to highest warning level class
  • a bib pocket and two back pockets with snap fastener, a ruler pocket with velcro fastener, a leg pocket with additional phone pocket with velcro fastener
  • optional knee pad pockets as add-on
  • available sizes: 40/42 to 64/66, 90/94 to 106/110
  • colour: signal yellow
  • material: 49 % PPAN-FR, 42 % cotton, 5 % para-aramid, 3 % polyamid, 1 % carbon with inherently flame-retardant finish (surface weight: approx. 300 g/m²)

Protection features

  • certified class 1 arc-fault protection (in conjunction with EN 61482-1-2:2007)
  • certified class 1-A1 welding protection (EN ISO 1611:2007)
  • certified heat and flame protection (EN ISO 11612:2008)
  • highest visibility class X2 (EN ISO 20471:2013)
  • electrostatic discharge

Comfort features

  • maximum protection and excellent ergonomics due to stretch waistbands at the side and elastic straps
  • adjustable, elasticated insert in waistband

Washing instructions

  • wash at 60°
  • do not bleach
  • tumble-dry at low temperature (gentle)
  • iron at low temperature
  • dry clean with perchlorethylene
  • suitable for industrial laundry

Areas of application

  • working on public electrical systems, energy suppliers (protection against arc flashes, heat and flames; hi-vis)


Product data sheet

Specifications uvex high visibility dungarees

Attribute Value
PPE category III: protection against lethal hazards and irreversible damage to health
Clothing type protective clothing
Collection uvex protection mulitfunction + high-vis
Standards EN ISO 11611:2007: Schutzbekleidung für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren, EN ISO 11612: Schutzbekleidung für hitzeexponierte Arbeiter, EN ISO 20471: Warnbekleidung, EN 61482-1-2:2007: Schutzbekleidung gegen die thermischen Gefahren eines elektrischen Lichtbogens, IEC 61482-2:2007: Schutzbekleidung gegen die thermischen Gefahren eines elektrischen Lichtbogens
Heat and flame protection EN ISO 11612:2008 – A1, EN ISO 11612:2008 – B1, EN ISO 11612:2008 – C1, EN ISO 11612:2008 – F1
Welding protection EN ISO 11611:2007 – class 1-A1
Arc-fault protection EN 61482-1-2 – class 1: 4 kA/0.5 s, EN 61482-1-2 – class 2: 7 kA/0.5 s
Electrostatic discharge capacity (anti-static) EN 1149-3:2008: test method for measuring charge decay, EN 1149-5:2008: performance requirements for material and construction
Material 49 % PRAN-FR, 42 % cotton, 5 % para-aramid, 3 % polyamide, 1 % carbon
Surface weight approx. 300 g/m²
Colour Hazard yellow
Size 40/42 to 64/66, 90/94 to 106/110

Damit unsere Schutzbekleidung und Workwear zu Ihren Anforderungen passt wie angegossen, bieten wir Ihnen mit uvex add-on die Möglichkeit, Bekleidungsstücke mit Ihren Logos und Emblemen zu individualisieren – oder mit zusätzlichen Funktionen auszustatten. Mögliche Erweiterungen sowie Emblem-Positionen und -Größen im Detail:

Artmaximale GrößePosition
Stickemblem FR 10 x 10 cm Beintasche links, Latztasche
Namensschild 10 x 2 cm Latztasche
Transfer FR analog Stickemblem analog Stickemblem
Kniepolstertaschen - (Art.-Nr. 1000001)




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