uvex 4B chemical protection suit with feet

Article number: 89094

  • Particle-tight and spray-tight chemical protection, type 4B (5B/6B)
  • Polypropylene spunbond laminated with polyethylene film
  • Colour: white, orange

uvex 4B chemical protection suit — comfortable and breathable, yet impermeable

The spray-tight uvex com4 laminate makes the uvex 4B disposable protective suit safe and breathable at the same time. The taped seams provide outstanding sealing against liquid aerosols and particles, while the spunbond lining guarantees a pleasantly soft fit for the disposable protective overalls.

General features

  • breathable, lightweight and flexible material for exceptional wearer comfort
  • particle-tight and spray-tight
  • free of silicone and substances that interfere with wetting agents
  • Material: Polypropylene spunbond laminated with polyethylene film
  • Colour: white, orange

Protection features

  • Certified according to the following standards: EN 14126, EN 14605 — Type 4B, ISO 13982-1 — Type 5B, EN 13034 — Type 6B, EN 1149-5, DIN 32781, EN 1073-2
  • orange taped seams for optimal protection and good visibility
  • self-sealing zip flap for optimal protection
  • middle finger loops prevent sleeves sliding up the arm
  • tailored feet for additional protection
  • antistatic properties
  • protection against infectious diseases

Comfort features

  • lined with skin-friendly non-woven material
  • perfect fit due to elasticated waistband
  • secure and convenient closures thanks to elasticated bands on hood, arms and legs
  • two-way zip

Areas of application

  • low-pressure industrial cleaning and building cleaning
  • ship building and automobile manufacture
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • handling paints and varnishes
  • agriculture and horticulture
  • pest control
  • electronics and cleanroom environments
  • work with asbestos and dismantling
  • remediation of contaminated sites
  • pharmaceutical industry and laboratory work



Product data sheet

Specifications uvex 4B chemical protection suit with feet

Attribute Value
PPE category III: protection against lethal hazards and irreversible damage to health
Clothing type disposable protection
Type of disposable protective suit type 4B (EN 14126), type 5B (ISO 13982-1), type 6B (EN 13034)
Standards EN 14605: Einwegschutz – sprühdichte Schutzanzüge, ISO 13982-1: Einwegschutz – partikeldichte Schutzanzüge, EN 13034: Einwegschutz – begrenzt sprühdichte Schutzanzüge, EN 1149-5: Einwegschutz – antistatische Eigenschaften, EN 14126: Einwegschutz – Schutz vor Infektionserregern, EN 32781: Protective clothing against pesticides
Material Polypropylene non woven laminated with polyethylene film
Colour orange, white
Size S to 3XL
Technologies Materialaufbau Einwegoverall: uvex 4B
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