Hard work. Easy going.

The uvex 3 has been specially developed for the extreme demands faced in heavy applications. It combines necessary robustness with a sporty and dynamic design. Equipped with the latest uvex technologies, the uvex 3 reliably protects the wearer while providing high levels of comfort.

A major innovation of the uvex 3 is the focus on the natural movement of a person’s feet as they walk during the design process. The feet – and thus the entire body – can only perform at their best if the essential biomechanical functionality of the body is aligned with the functionality of the footwear. The sole of this safety shoe has ergonomic tread grooves, which adapt to the anatomical structure of the foot. These functional grooves ensure that the sole is extremely flexible and slip-resistant.

At the same time, the shoe is particularly robust and provides excellent protection against the extreme demands of heavy-duty applications. For example, the tread of the slip-resistant safety shoe has deep grooves that ensure good grip even on wet and slippery surfaces.

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Safety Shoes for extreme requirements - what the uvex 3 is all about

Sustainability — recycled insole

The uvex 3 is sustainably produced and is free from harmful substances according to our restricted substances list. What’s more, the insole is made of 100% recycled fibres and foam.

Extraordinary sensitivity

A high degree of sensitivity and the flexibility of the sole are especially important when operating machines controlled by foot.

uvex waterstop technology

uvex waterstop technology reliably protects against water penetration for four times longer than required by the standard.

uvex lace lock

Optimised lacing for increased stability with locking lace hooks.

uvex anklepro

Provides excellent protection against painful impacts in the ankle area.

uvex bionom x

The uvex bionom x principle is an approach to creating new products that combines the essential biomechanical functions of the body with the functions of the footwear, thus creating a harmonious unit consisting of body, footwear and environment. Only when our body achieves its maximum performance level can it protect us from injury in the best possible way. uvex bionom x was developed in collaboration with our biomechanics expert Dr Caleb Wegener from the uvex safety group in Australia.

Science. Not Fiction. uvex i-PUREnrj Technology.

Cushioning. Stability. Energy Return.

uvex i-PUREnrj technology
uvex’s innovative new polyurethane sole technology— uvex i-PUREnrj—returns the landing energy over the entire sole unit back to the wearer, redefining shock absorption and stability. The sole of the uvex 3 features a special antifatigue effect thanks to 68% energy return in the forefoot area, 65% energy return underneath the heel and the high shock absorption level of 44 joules.

More stability. Reduced risk of injuries. More safety.
Excellent stability and secure fit in the shoe due to foamed heel basket and adapted density of the uvex i-PUREnrj technology. Reduces risk of injury from twisting through bending over.

Hard work. Easy going. Explained in the x-showcase.

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