Bright light, reflective surfaces or changing light conditions in our daily working life can all put additional stress on the human eyes. The uvex CBR65 tint with 65% transmission enables high-contrast vision and protects against harmful blue light. Innovative uvex coatings ensure extreme scratch resistance and permanent anti-fog performance – ensuring your team remains focused on the task in every situation.

Blue light is hazardous to the eyes

The shorter the wavelength of light, the more energy it stores. Blue light waves fall within the short wave range of the visible spectrum and belongs to the most energy-rich ones. This explains why blue light (between approx. 380 and 450 nm) is more hazardous than other light. In addition to that the fact that blue (artificial) light emitted by screens has a richer spectrum of harmful blue light than sunlight, which contains more yellow and red.

A further factor raising concern among specialists is linked to a change in our lifestyle, which leads to us being exposed to excessive amounts of blue light. In addition to the natural blue light emitted by the sun, we are confronted with artificial blue light from screens and LED light sources on a daily basis. This phenomenon is further aggravated by the length of time for which we are exposed to this light. At work, 43% of adults use a computer or tablet, as well as a smartphone, for prolonged periods of time.

The risks associated with blue light

Eye fatigue
The energy emitted from blue light causes it to flicker more than other light. It also produces more glare, resulting in eye fatigue and headaches in the long term. Almost 70% of all adults who regularly use electronic devices with illuminated displays report certain symptoms of visual fatigue, such as impaired vision, dry and irritated eyes or headaches.

Sleep rhythm disorders
Especially in the evening, artificial blue light disturbs our biorhythm by slowing down the secretion of melatonin. This explains the significant increase in the number of people complaining of sleep disturbances and suffering from insomnia.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
Contact with harmful blue light (between 380 and 450 nm) can lead to age-related macular degeneration. This means that, over time, retinal cells can become irreversibly damaged. In industrial countries, this is the most frequent cause of eye diseases resulting in blindness.

Eyewear with blue light reduction benefits

Wearing safety spectacles that reduce harmful blue light is recommended at workplaces with screens as well as for people who work in environments with glaring artificial light sources (LED lighting), as can sometimes be the case in light industry or certain logistics platforms.

Safety spectacles with the uvex CBR65 tint absorb around 50% of blue light, with a maximum absorption of 450nm, ensuring effective protection against harmful blue light without impairing the sleep cycle. They are ideal for use at workplaces with screens.

C = Contrast enhancement

The innovative CBR65 lens tint ensures better contrasts – for noticeably more comfortable vision, even in diffuse light.

B = Blue light reduction

uvex safety spectacles with the special uvex CBR65 lens tint reduce blue light at extremely bright workstations by up to 50%, providing reliable protection against harmful blue light emissions.

R = Relaxed vision

The lightly tinted lens is 65% light-permeable and reduces blue light by up to 50% at 450 nm – the optimum level for demanding visual requirements under extremely bright artificial light and natural light.


The uvex CBR65 tint is available for uvex pheos cx2, uvex sportstyle and uvex super f OTG safety spectacles.

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