uvex lens coating technology: anti-fog and anti-scratch safety eyewear

Safety eyewear is often used in harsh working environments, so the lenses are usually coated to increase their efficacy and longevity. This coating is more important than you might think and is a key factor in ensuring the eyewear is worn - and protecting the wearer. For maximum effectiveness, lens coatings should offer resistance against fogging and scratching. uvex is the world leading brand in lens coating technology, delivering long lasting anti-fog and anti-scratch performance. uvex lens coating delivers the highest level of optical clarity, even after repeated cleaning.

Permanent Anti-Fog Technology

Technologically engineered not to wash off, uvex’s anti-fog coatings are fundamentally different from competitors – that’s because uvex supravision excellence uses hydrophilic coating, which causes fog moisture to hit the lens and gets absorbed into the coating, eliminating fogging.

Hydrophilic (moisture absorbing)

Hydrophilic coatings are permanent and do not wash off. The coating becomes sponge-like, absorbing moisture so that the wearer does not have to take off their glasses or goggles to clear any fog.

supravision excellence

Utilises a permanent hydrophilic coating to deliver exceptional anti-fog performance on the inside of the lens while providing excellent scratch resistance on the outside.

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Proper Cleaning and Care

In order to ensure long-lasting performance from your uvex safety eyewear, ensure you clean your lenses in the correct way to minimise damage to the lens coatings. First, run your eyewear under cool water – uvex lenses are engineered to allow excess dirt to wash off easily, without sticking. Next, spray the cleaning solution found in the uvex eyewear lens cleaning station directly onto the lens, and then use the lens-safe tissue to wipe clean. If you’re not immediately putting the safety eyewear back on, store them in a protective pouch.

How to clean and store your uvex safety eyewear

Rinse dust and coarse particles off the lens under running water or use the edge of folded towelette to brush away surface dust.

Using a lens cleaning tissue or towelettes wipe the lens inside and out using a circular motion.

Do handle your spectacles/goggles by holding the frame or top and bottom of the lens.

Place your spectacles/goggles down on a surface.

Spray small amount of cleaning fluid onto both sides of the lens or unfold towelette.

Do not scrub the lens backwards and forwards. Do not wipe the lens dry, allow moisture to evaporate.

Do not handle the lenses. This helps reduce scratches and smearing

Do not put your spectacles/goggles down on the nose bridge or lens.

DON’T use clothing, paper towel, napkins or facial tissue to clean your lenses. Most of these fabrics, are infused with abrasive fibres and debris. These fibres can easily scratch the lens and affect the clarity of vision.

DON’T use solvents or chemical cleaning agents. These types of cleaners contain chemicals that may remove your uvex eyewear’s lens coatings.

uvex eyewear cleaning accessories

To keep your safety eyewear usable for longer, we have developed a range of lens cleaning products and accessories. To store your safety eyewear correctly we offer a range of cases and microfibre cases. Remember, only use uvex cleaning products to clean the lenses on uvex eyewear. This is essential to preserve the performance of the uvex supravision coatings.

uvex eyewear cleaning stationAccessories for all uvex safety spectaclesuvex eyewear cleaning station
uvex cleaning fluidAccessories for all uvex safety eyewearuvex cleaning fluid
uvex microfibre cloth, blackAccessories for all uvex safety eyewearuvex microfibre cloth, black

Unrivaled Protection

uvex’s flow-coating application technology provides an anti-fog coating that is consistent, clear and uniquely bonded to the lens. Exclusive to uvex, this flow-coating process also allows different supravision coating configurations to be applied to either side of the lens, giving the wearer more specific, quality protection where they need it most.


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