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  • Multi-standard helmet — DIN EN 12492 mountaineering helmet standard, DIN EN 1078 cycling helmet standard and DIN EN 397 industrial safety helmet standard (in part, except 4.4 internal vertical clearance, 4.9 max. ventilation opening cross-section and 5.1.4 chin strap fastening)
  • Meets DIN EN 397 optional requirements for increased lateral rigidity "LD" (lateral deformation) and low temperatures "-30°C"
  • Closeable air vents at the front and rear
  • Suspension harness with wheel ratchet system for variable width adjustment and height adjustment
  • Pre-fitted forked chin strap for EN 12492/EN 1078

uvex perfexxion

uvex perfexxion meets all the applicable protection standards for use as an industrial helmet, a mountaineering helmet or a cycling helmet — and with its optimised temperature cooling and ergonomic fit, it's exceptionally comfortable to wear.

General features

  • No hot spots thanks to maximum ventilation — adjustable air vents ensure optimal air circulation and prevent uncomfortable hot spots under the helmet
  • Outstanding wearer comfort
  • The integrated inner mesh and padded suspension harness make the helmet even more comfortable
  • The mesh ensures optimal ventilation
  • Perfect fit due to variable width and height adjustment

Protection features

  • EN 12492 Mountaineering helmet standard
  • EN 1078 Cycling helmet standard
  • EN 397 Industrial safety helmet standard (in part) + optional requirements: LD (lateral deformation), -30°C

Comfort features

  • Adjustable and convenient air vents for maximum ventilation
  • Suspension harness with wheel ratchet system for variable width adjustment and height adjustment
  • Optimal fit thanks to two different sizes (M and L)
  • Suspension harness with convenient inner mesh for added wearer comfort

Areas of application

  • When riding factory bicycles on very large industrial parks
  • Large-scale construction sites

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Specifications uvex perfexxion

Attribute Value
Product type safety helmet
Product family uvex perfexxion
Standards EN 1078, EN 397, EN 12492
Additional requirement (EN 397) -30 °C
Colour White
Size 52 - 58, 59 - 63
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