For fog-free eyewear

Lenses fogging up is an annoying problem, especially in autumn and winter.
Wearing a face mask often exacerbates the issue.

This is where the uvex antifog cloth helps.

Glasses cleaning cloth for fog free glasses

How to use correctly

1. Clean
To obtain the best result and avoid scratches, the spectacle should be cleaned before using the uvex antifog cloth.

2. Apply
Gently rub both sides of the lens with the uvex antifog cloth in circular movements, five to ten times. A thin layer will be applied to the lens, which prevents the lenses from fogging.

3. Reuse
When the lenses are cleaned, the applied layer will be removed and must be replaced. The cloth can be reused up to 60 times depending on the size of the lenses.

4. Store
Once used, it is important to store the cloth in the zip bag supplied to prevent it from drying out. The uvex antifog cloth is not washable.

uvex antifog glasses cleaning cloth

uvex antifog cloth
Art. no.: 6118010
Packaging: 20 pieces
individually packed in a display box

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